Wonder what past students have to say? Take a look below for a sample of excerpts from our anonymous class feedback questionnaires from our various programs.

“What aspects did you find most beneficial about your Puppy Socialization Program?”

“We like how small the classes are – can ask questions about our dog afterward. Like the intimacy! The three days a week were great (flexible)”

“I found this class extremely important for first time dog owners. A lot of stuff covered people don’t have any idea or would think about it.”

“I found the behaviour stuff very beneficial (ex. food guarding), I enjoy how it focuses on potential problems”

“Thank you for giving me hope!”

“The most beneficial aspect of the program for me was learning how to introduce new exercises to the puppy, as well as learning how to capture his attention.”

“Small class sizes, good mix of lessons and information suitable to age, and flexibility in booking classes.”

“I enjoyed the tug exercise as well as the detail given with different exercises as well as different scenarios and examples.”

“Everything! It was really worthwhile.”

“Learning how to train and the dog’s mentality behind the training.”

“Emily is very attentive. She cares about making the experience as positive as possible for the dogs.”

“Awesome program, thanks so much for all the help and advice!!”

“Understanding and recognizing expression of emotions.”

“Loved your approach to classes.”

“Great teaching and experience for puppies.”

“Great understanding of why puppies do what they do.”

“We have has so much success with the training we have learned here, thank you very much for everything, we enjoyed it!”

“Small classes, thorough instruction, puppy play time – very happy with our experience!”

“What aspects did you find most beneficial about your Life Skills Program?”

“Logic behind training – it makes sense to know why and translating to real scenarios”

“Very professional – very happy how Blue is doing in the short time we have had him”

“Small classes, great training techniques”

“Learning how to reinforce behaviour and boost his confidence”

“I really likes the recall and polite greetings class – they were very helpful!”

“Recall and off switch were really great classes – particularly for the skills I most need to work on for my dog.”

“Flexible problem-solving approaches to various problems”

“The calm approach to every lesson and the encouragement. The gentle redirection of process.”

“Great course – everything we thought it would be – well worth it!!”

“Very knowledgeable instructor. Helped me understand what was going on in my dog’s head. Very clear instruction, patience, respect for dogs!”

“Skills are practical and applicable to all life situations.”

“The coaching. I can read instructions myself, but I don’t know how to see things like ‘you hold your hand different with or without treats’.”

“It’s nice to know the training is sound psychologically – evidenced by your use of proper terms (i.e. not confusing negative reinforcement with positive punishment). It made me feel I could trust the methods learned in class.”

“Getting Eddie to focus more has helped us greatly on walks and at home. The handouts have also been a great reference.”

“Hands on training tailored to what was and was not working for my dog.”

“Enjoyed small classes and attention, easy to ask advice.”

“Small size of class, handouts – happy with your approach, which is stress-free for my dog!”


“What aspects did you find most beneficial about your Specialty Class Program?”

“Thank you so much for helping us to focus better!”

“Thank your for your patience and ability to identify Kash’s needs.”

“Great leadership and response. Excellent individual focus in class situation, worked well with different dog personalities.”

“Small class sizes=more individual attention”

“The trainer was willing to trouble-shoot behaviours observed by owners at home”

“I really appreciated getting a new perspective on my dog’s behaviours; eg. body language that I thought was “okay” turned out to be signals of arousal.”

“Being able to capture and keep my dog’s attention.”

“I learned skills and techniques that are useful everyday.”

“I enjoyed the class. Really helped, especially with walking and passing others outside.”

“We see a massive improvement in his focus and attention already!”

“So very pleased with the results!”

“Exercises address daily circumstances that trigger arousal – this is a fantastic program.”

“Really enjoyed this class!”

“Training owners how to dissect problems”

“Thank you so much… Hayley has come a long way thanks to you!”

“We were asked to think about what was working for our dogs and to come up with our own goals. It helped me gain confidence and communication with my dog rather than just doing what I was told.”

“Learning how to greet/meet/work around other dogs and with other dogs.”

“Great program! Go to mat has been very helpful and recall is improving with dog distractions”

“Breaking down the steps to heeling with a pivot”

“‘Fun’ obedience! Normal obedience is boring. You work very well with the dogs and they love you!”