Behaviour Consulting

Emily Fisher, an IAABC-certified dog behaviour consultant, will guide you through the process to resolve your dog’s problem behaviours. Consults include discussion, visuals, demonstration and hands-on training with your dog, in addition to plentiful resources and follow-up.

Did you know…

Some pet insurance companies will cover private training for behaviour modification! Contact your insurance provider to find out if your dog is covered. We do not direct bill.

Addressing Dog Behaviour Problems such as:

  • Reactivity, fear or aggression directed toward people
  • Reactivity, fear or aggression directed toward dogs or other animals
  • Resource guarding (food/toy aggression)
  • Handling for husbandry, veterinary visits and grooming
  • Fear or reactivity triggered by objects or environments
  • Arousal/over-excitement
  • Any other problem stemming from “Big Feelings”!

Do you have a young pup or manners troubles? Check out this information instead!
We do not offer service dog training.

Private Dog Training in the City of Guelph, Ontario

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