Private Training and Behaviour Consulting

Private training and behaviour consultations are currently running in both virtual and in-person formats, depending on the nature of the issue addressed in the session. Initial sessions will continue to take place in a virtual format, and follow-ups will be decided on a case-by-case basis. For example, resource guarding in the home may be addressed in a virtual format, and outdoor reactivity sessions may be addressed in-person. We cannot guarantee that a request to meet in-person can be granted. Due to health and safety implications, availability of in-person sessions is not based solely on client preference.

Read the Virtual Training FAQs to fully understand what technology you need in order to get the most out of your private training sessions.

We do not offer service dog training.

See what students in virtual training say:

Emily Fisher, an IAABC-certified dog behaviour consultant, will guide you through the resolution of your dog’s problem behaviours. Consults include discussion, visuals, demonstration and “hands-on” work with your dog, a personalized training plan, and resources.

Private Training Services and Pricing

* pricing and packaging will be changed/restructured in January 2021

• Initial Session 2hr session 


This is always the first session for Private Training, which is in a virtual format. This session must be used within 90 days of purchase. Purchase is required in advance in order to hold session time.

• Package of Five – 5hr total 

$450+HST (Save $50!)
After the Initial Session you may continue with the Package of Five at a discount.  All five sessions must be completed within six months of payment. Purchase is required in advance in order to hold session time.

• Single session 60min


After the Initial Session you may continue with Single Sessions. This session must be used within 90 days of purchase. Purchase is required in advance in order to hold session time.

Behaviour Consultation and Private Training Booking

Complete these steps (or contact us with questions any time!):

  1. Read Policy and Virtual Training FAQ and Private Training FAQ
  2. Contact the office for the behaviour questionnaire and additional information/instructions
  3. Fill out this form and review the email that is sent to you
  4. Payment can be made by EMT on receipt of your invoice in order to reserve your session time
  5. Schedule your appointment directly with the office