VIRTUAL Rally Obedience

Rowan Heeling 5A Rally Obedience course is made up of numbered stations at which the dog and handler must perform the described exercise, and heel in between. Upper levels of the sport includes agility equipment like jumps, tunnels and weave poles!

In order to achieve a flowing performance, the Rally Obedience Fundamentals class focuses the dog and handler mastering skills such as heel, pivots, and position changes.

This course is the best place to start if you want to:

  • Benefit your dog’s leash walking and attention skills
  • Continue building your training skills and have fun with your dog!
  • Compete in Rally Obedience in any venue (CARO signs are used in class)


  • Technology requirements for the virtual format are outlined in the Virtual Training FAQs
  • This class requires a consistent handler to attend all classes. Pairs of handlers are welcome, but both should attend all classes.
  • Dogs and handlers must have prerequisite skills (see below)
  • Submitting registration/payment indicates acceptance of the group class policy

Rally Novice Program

Prerequisites – Novice

  • Completion of a Foundation Program at Scratch and Sniff Canine Services OR an equivalent program at another school
  • Owners who have not trained at Scratch and Sniff Canine Services previously must review the Orientation Webinar
  • Rally Novice – Prerequisite behaviours include:
    • Skill and understanding of clicker training (both dog and human)
    • Zen or Leave it (impulse control around food in hand)
    • Sit (verbal cue or hand signal)
    • Down (verbal cue or hand signal)
    • Stay basics
    • Hand target/touch
    • If you are missing a prerequisite and want to join class, please contact the office
  • Props – outside of the usual training equipment, participants will need a stable, overturned food/water bowl with a grippy surface (glued on yoga mat, rubberized, scratched up duct tape, etc)

Pricing and Schedule – Novice

This program takes place entirely in a virtual format, and will continue in this format even when the school facility reopens.

This is a PERFECT format for reactive dogs!

Starting Saturday, April 18 at 11:30am
7 consecutive weeks, meeting via ZOOM video conferencing.


If you need to miss a class, contact the office immediately and a recording will be made available. Alternately a discounted make-up session can be scheduled for $30/half hour.

Book your spot now!

Contact the office with questions before registration

  1. View the Orientation Webinar
  2. Complete the registration form below
  3. To confirm your spot: upon receipt of your invoice, payment must be made within 24hrs via Email Money Transfer to

Rally Advanced

The Rally Advanced level is PACKED with new exercises and stations! To accommodate all the new skills, the Advanced level has been split into two programs that can be taken in any order:

  • Rally Advanced: Focus and Control
  • Rally Advanced: Movement and Enthusiasm

Requirements – Advanced

  • See “Requirements” for Novice. This program includes off-leash elements.

Prerequisites – Advanced

  • Completion of the Rally Obedience Novice Program

Pricing and Schedule – Advanced


Make-up sessions are offered at a discounted rate of $30/half hour and should be completed the same week as the class that is missed (subject to private session policy) – this will be required for earlier classes and optional for later classes.

Book your spot now!

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