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What sets us apart?

Small Group Class Size

The personalized attention you want in a group class environment.

FREE Orientation and Info Webinar

The Orientation Webinar is what allows for the extremely flexible group class schedule. Get your dog started in classes right away!

Certification and Education of your Trainer

Being “self-taught” doesn’t fly in any other profession, so why would it be a point of pride in your dog trainer? 

Emily Fisher invests heavily in education and certification in order to provide you and your dog with the best possible training services. Emily is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant through the IAABC, and also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed through the CCPDT.

Flexible Group Class Schedule

Mix and match your class days for the ultimate in scheduling flexibility in both the Puppy Socialization Program and the Life Skills Program.

In-Home and In-School Private Sessions

Private sessions and behaviour consults offer qualified, one-on-one instruction for a range of issues, including obedience and manners (such as coming when called, jumping up, pulling on leash, etc), puppy problem solving, aggression or reactivity toward dogs and people, guarding (protecting) resources such as food, bowls, toys, or other objects, fear and related behaviours, and much more. Check the link above for travel restrictions.

Puppy Class Safety

The health and behavioural safety of your puppy a top priority in our Puppy Socialization Classes. Take a look at our safety measures.

Effective, Force-Free Training Methods

Positive reinforcement training can be personalized for any dog – whether teaching manners or solving serious behaviour problems. Meet your training goals by learning the “why” as well as the “how” of training your dog.

Resources and Follow-up

Whether in group or private training, you’ll receive ample follow-up to refer to when you go home. Group programs come complete with a training manual, and if we’re working one-on-one you’ll also receive notes and handouts to keep your training on track.


Find joy in teaching and learning through effective, modern, and force-free training techniques. A wide selection of specialty classes will be sure to pique your interest!

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