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Which Program is Right For Me?

“I have a new puppy!”

Socialization Skills is a great choice for your new puppy. This program has a special focus on confidence building, puppy problem solving and problem prevention.

For manners and obedience training, check out the Foundation Life Skills Program! We offer an In-Person Group Program, as well as a Virtual Life Skills Program.

With both of these programs, you’ll gain access to the All Things Puppy Resource Classroom to address all your puppy-specific questions.

“I have an adolescent or adult dog who is friendly/tolerant of other dogs and people”

Check out the All-Ages Life Skills Program! We offer an In-Person Group Program, as well as a Virtual Life Skills Program. This is the best place to start for all the basics in manners and obedience, like come when called, stay, go to bed, and more!

“I am concerned about my dog’s behaviour – I’m seeing fear, aggression/reactivity, anxiety or other behaviour problem”

Private Training and Behaviour Consulting is the route to go if you’re tackling tough behaviour problems.

Private training will allow us to delve deep into your dog’s behaviour and pin point exactly what needs to be done to find relief for your dog… and your family! Private Training is offered as a combination virtual/in-person format.

“I’ve already trained the basics with my friendly dog, and I want more fun training!”

Check out our Specialty Classes! Each class tackles a different topic or sport, and most classes have multiple levels to help you master these new skills. It’s so much fun to see it all “click” for your dog!

If you’ve already attended our Foundation Life Skills program, the next step for manners training is the Advanced Life Skills Series!

“I have a dog with behaviour problems… but I want to teach fun stuff while I work through these challenges!”

Some of our Specialty Classes run virtually! This is a perfect way to learn the content, and keep your dog calm and happy. Just email the office if one strikes your fancy – if there is demand for a program to run virtually, it will!

Another option is to work through Specialty Classes in the private session format. This way we can work in the format that works for your dog.

“I’m worried about COVID risks and need training – but don’t want to meet in person”

Check out the Virtual Life Skills Program as well as Private Training and Behaviour Consulting. Both of these have zero-contact training options. Contact the office if you have any questions about in-person safety precautions!


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