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COVID-19 Updates:

You and your dog have the same training needs, and we still have the training skills to teach you – so we’ve moved the Life Skills Program and Private Training to new virtual formats!

You’ll receive the same feedback on your dogs behaviour and your developing training skills as an in-person session. You’ll receive the same demonstrations and references as an in-person session. And you can do all of this from the comfort and safety of your home.

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Our Virtual Classes:

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Have a new puppy? Socialization sure got a whole lot harder… but you still need to take action NOW and do all you can do to prevent future problems! Click to find out why socialization is so important, then click here for information on how to socialize your puppy in the midst of social distancing.

Are you working from home? Check out this video filled with great tips on how to keep your dog busy during this age of social distancing!


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