Agility (And Then Some!)

Agility is a fantastic activity to build your dog’s confidence, teach her to look to you for direction, and simply have fun. And this program does just that!

Agility (And Then Some!) is geared towards owners having fun with their dogs. The equipment is modified to meet each dog’s skill level, confidence and physical ability, including younger dogs. There’s no need for you or your dog to be a top athlete to join class!

In addition to the usual agility obstacles, this program also includes additional exercises and creative obstacles added to each level to make this class so much more than a typical agility class!

Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • Dogs must have had received all puppy vaccinations + Rabies
  • Level One: Completion of a foundation program at Scratch and Sniff Canine Services OR an equivalent from another school if owners/dogs have a solid understanding of clicker training and prerequisite behaviours.
  • Owners who have not trained at Scratch and Sniff Canine Services previously will be required to attend a free assessment and Orientation Webinar session prior to class
  • Levels 2+: Students will be required to start with Level One before proceeding to further levels. The curriculum and equipment differs from a typical agility class offered elsewhere.
  • Prerequisite training skills (taught with positive reinforcement/clicker):
    • Basic skills in recall, sit, leash walking, leave it/’doggy zen’
    • Hand target (touch)
    • Must be able to work off leash behind barriers – inclination to jump barriers to see another dog will be a problem for this program as obstacles must be completed off leash

Level One: Pricing and Schedule


SIX classes starting on Mon Sept 9th, 8:45pm

We are closed for holidays Aug 1-18.
Self-service enrolment and booking is OPEN!
Review prerequisites above and registration below. Inquiries will not be answered during the holiday break.