Virtual Training Set-Up and Prep

Set up your training space ahead of your lesson in order to make the best use of your session time. Take a look at the below information.

Read the FAQ here.

Do this BEFORE your session:

  • Take your dog out to pee
  • Put down a yoga mat or rug if the floor is slippery
  • Have all equipment and props ready in your training space
  • Chop up your treats BEFORE your lesson. This is important!
  • Set your device on a stable surface with good visibility of your training space. You may receive additional specific instructions for private training.
  • Set up your camera in a landscape position – wider than tall.
  • Ensure that you are not backlit (e.g. close blinds behind you, position lights in front of you).
  • Put other household dogs into another room, and let your family know that you need quiet time.
  • Sign into ZOOM at least 5min early to ensure you can access the virtual training room.
  • Haven’t started class yet? Click here to see what ZOOM is like!
  • Contact your instructor by email immediately if you are having tech problems!

Have these items ready for your session:

  • Read the lesson reminder emails (where you find the ZOOM link) for specifics applicable to each lesson
  • Treat pouch A fanny pack or a rock climbing chalk pouch will work fine. This makes your job easier!
  • Clicker Purchase online, or we’ll find an alternative
  • Moist or semi-moist treats – Approximately 300pcs. Cut all treats to about the size of a large pea, or smaller for smaller dogs. Chop treats prior to class, not during class.
  • Store-bought treats: Rollover logs, dehydrated organ meats, Ziwi Peak, etc.
  • Cook and chop meat from the grocery, such as: chicken breast, steak, pork chop, chicken hearts/gizzard, beef/pork heart, pre-cooked hot dogs, cheese, ham, etc. 
  • 4-6ft leash – no flexi leashes
  • Tug toy – Long braided fleece toy or ‘stuffless’ toy.
  • A front-attaching body harness is recommended for routine walks, but your dog can be in a flat collar for virtual lessons. Please no choke, ecollars or prongs.
  • One or two food-stuffed toys if your dog is likely to be antsy during breaks and demos