Puppy Socialization Program

Puppy Socialization Class at Scratch and Sniff Canine Services combines important manners and obedience skills with socialization and problem prevention in order to prepare your puppy for daily life and a smooth transition into adulthood. Enrol at 8 weeks of age, don’t miss out on critical weeks of socialization!

Program Details

6 Class Package: $229+HST
9 Class Package: $275+HST * 25% discount per class!
Monday 6pm | Wednesday 6pm | Saturday 10am
Mix’n’match your class days to fit your schedule!

  • Maximum FIVE puppies per class
  • Find out more about our flexible and unique enrolment
    • Attend your classes whenever works for you
    • Start class any time
    • Information on class age restrictions in the above document
  • Instructed by a certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant (CPDT-KA CDBC)

Find out more about class structure at Group Training FAQs
See what past students have to say about the Puppy Program.


  • All students are required to have a letter signed by their vet and returned to the office prior to their first class. Click here to save/print the letter.
    • This letter indicates that the puppy has been to the vet, has received at least one set of vaccinations and is free of parasites and illness. This policy protects your puppy.
  • All puppies are welcome, so long as your pup finishes the program by the following age:
    • XL Breeds: 22wks
    • M/L Breeds: 23wks
    • XS/S Breeds: 24wks
  • Must be in current home/received the first set of shots at least one week prior to class
  • Sick puppies are not permitted in class. Alert the office to illness.
  • Submitting registration/payment indicates acceptance of the group class policy


You are eligible for discounted private training for the duration of your group program. Purchase a Puppy Problem Solving Add-On along with your program below.

Puppy Grads receive 10% off Life Skills if you register within one month of graduating Puppy Socialization Class.

Puppy Class Safety

We take precautions to ensure the safest possible experience for your puppy – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Click here for the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour’s Position Statement on Puppy Socialization

  • Disinfecting Floors. A thorough washing with a bleach solution means your under-vaccinated puppy will stay safe.
  • Letter from Attending Veterinarian. You can be assured that all puppies in class are healthy and safe for your pup to play with.
  • Dog-Appropriate Rubber Flooring to prevent slipping and injury during play.
  • Age Limit. Your puppy will play with size- and developmentally-appropriate playmates.
  • Monitored and Narrated play. Monitored and narrated play keeps your pup safe and having fun, while teaching you the difference between healthy and unhealthy play.
  • Wait Period Before Class. Some diseases have an “incubation period” when an infected pup appears healthy. The wait time between coming home and coming to class is another safeguard in keeping your pup healthy and safe.


  1. Orientation Session
  2. Review the following:
  3. Purchase your program!
  4. Book your classes below after program purchase
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