What to Bring to Class

You can also find this list in your program manual (see confirmation and reminder auto-emails), as well as in the Group Class Information Document.

You will need to prepare the following prior to class:

  • Health Form (puppy class only) is critical for admission into class. Send this documentation in advance, or at the latest give it to your instructor as you enter for your first class. For safety reasons, puppies without proper documentation will not be allowed in the school.
  • Treat pouch Purchase a pouch from the school or a pet store. A fanny pack or a rock climbing chalk pouch will also work. This is important.
  • Clicker This is included with the class.
  • Moist or semi-moist treats – Approximately 300-500pcs.
    • Cut all treats to about the size of a large pea, or smaller for smaller dogs. Chop treats prior to class.
    • Store-bought treats: Rollover logs, dehydrated organ meats, Ziwi Peak, etc.
    • Cook and chop meat from the grocery, such as: chicken breast, steak, pork chop, chicken hearts/gizzard, beef/pork heart, pre-cooked hot dogs, cheese, ham, etc. 
    • Do not bring vegetables, kibble, or hard crunchy biscuits.
  • 4-6ft leash – no flexi leashes
  • Tug toy – Long braided fleece toy or ‘stuffless’ toy.
  • Body harness
    • There are harnesses available for purchase at the school (arrive early for a fitting), or find one from a pet store. Purchase a no-pull harness for larger dogs.
    • Choke, prong, e-collars or similar equipment is not permitted.
  • One or two food-stuffed toys 
    • This will be necessary to help your dog settle on a mat at the beginning of every class. Bring only food-stuffed toys (e.g. Kongs) or chews that may be eaten in a stationary position.
  • Small mat. Begin each class by helping your dog to settle on their mat with their food-stuffed toy, see exercise handout. If you are consistent, your dog will be much calmer coming into class!
  • Change of shoes. Socks are also fine!