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Sniffer Dogs Program

Scent detection is an up-and-coming sport that’s seen a recent surge in popularity in Canada. The goal is to teach your dog to search for a particular scent, and then alert you to its location. The scent can be hidden anywhere from in one of multiple containers, to an interior room, a vehicle, or the outside of a building. This is a great way to mentally exhaust your dog, and truly learn to appreciate the unique abilities of our dogs.

The training taught in class is similar to what is used to teach working detection dogs, including bed bug dogs, border patrol dogs, conservation dogs, and drug dogs. There are also some similarities to other scent sports, such as tracking and search and rescue.

This is a fantastic way to tire out your pooch, and your dog will love it!

Program Details

Starting Saturday April 25th, 12:45pm
7 consecutive weeks, 45-60min in length

This class takes place entirely online in a virtual format, and will continue in this format even if the school reopens. Perfect for reactive or fearful dogs!

Including Scent Kit: $290+HST
Recommended for those in driving distance of Guelph
Scent Kits: Non-contact pick-up from the facility located at 340 Southgate Drive, Guelph. 

Excluding Scent Kit: $275+HST
Those unable to retrieve a kit can purchase one here and have it shipped. Purchase the following:

  • “Starter Kit” (wintergreen oil)
  • At least two additional “Rectangular Metal Slide Tins 1/4 oz.”
  • Three colanders/pasta strainer with base (available at dollar stores)

If you need to miss a class, contact the office immediately and a recording will be made available. Alternately a discounted make-up session can be scheduled for $30/half hour.


    • Technology requirements for the virtual format are outlined in the Virtual Training FAQs
    • This class requires a consistent handler to attend all classes. Pairs of handlers are welcome, but both should attend all classes.
    • Submitting registration/payment indicates acceptance of the group class policy
  • Prerequisite behaviours, taught with positive/clicker training
    • Hand Target
    • Zen/basic leave it with food in hand
  • Materials
    • Training supplies as outlined in your handouts.
    • A Scent Kit, as outlined above
  • If you have not attended classes at Scratch and Sniff Canine Services, please review the above prerequisite behaviours and contact the office, and view the free Orientation Webinar prior to starting class.

If you have questions, please contact the office prior to enrolment.

Book your spot now!

Contact the office with questions before registration

  1. View the Orientation Webinar
  2. Complete the registration form below
  3. To confirm your spot: upon receipt of your invoice, payment must be made within 24hrs via Email Money Transfer to info@scratchandsniff.ca