Policy and Waiver for Private Sessions

By submitting payment/engaging the service you are agreeing to the following Private Session Policies:

These guidelines are designed with client and dog safety in mind, and when followed create a cooperative and cohesive training experience through which students and dogs can most effectively learn.

• Dogs not enrolled in training are not permitted in the training hall or waiting area. Please leave all other pets at home.

• A person may only handle one dog during training. If two dogs from the same household are enrolled another handler must be present, unless explicit exception is made.

• Dogs must remain on leash at all times unless clients are otherwise instructed.

• Ill or contagious dogs are not permitted in the training hall. Bitches in season must be diapered and the instructor notified in advance.

• All behavioural concerns must be disclosed in writing in the behaviour questionnaire prior to commencement of training. The questionnaire must be submitted in the manner requested and prior to 48hrs before your Initial Session.

• All vaccinations and/or titres must be up to date according to your veterinarian’s recommendations.

Registration and Payment

• Private sessions are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Spots are not held until payment is received.

• Payment must be received within 24hrs of receiving the invoice or notice to pay, lest the tentative appointment be canceled. If a session is booked less than five days in advance, payment is due immediately in order to hold the booking.

• All services are non-transferrable/non-refundable

• Expiry dates on sessions and packages are outlined on the Private Session page, and exception cannot be made to these deadlines

Cancellation Policy

• To maintain a high level of service we are unable to offer refunds or credit within 48 hours of your Private Session or Transfer Session.

• Cancelations of Private or Transfer Sessions in advance of 48hrs will be rescheduled, but no refunds will be offered.

• In the case of any cancelation on the part of Scratch and Sniff Canine Services, the instructor will contact the clients scheduled for the affected session by phone and/or email and the session will be rescheduled.

• No-shows/late cancels will not be refunded or credited.

• Day Training Sessions cannot be cancelled or rescheduled, as they are not booked contingent on owner availability.

Photo & Video Release

In submitting the registration and/or payment, clients agree to release photo and video to the ownership of Scratch and Sniff Canine Services for promotional or educational purposes.

Agreement to Hold Harmless & Assumption of Risk

The client understands that dog training services and activities are not without risk to themselves, dogs, property or other people. The client expressly assumes the risk of any damage or injury incurred to any person, animal or property as a result of a dog training session conducted by or on behalf of Scratch and Sniff Canine Services. The client agrees to absolve and hold harmless Scratch and Sniff Canine Services, Emily Fisher, and any other parties associated with any service provided. The client agrees to make known any and all training, behavioural and health problems or concerns at the time of registration and agree to assume all responsibility for the actions of their dog(s) at the time of service and in future. Scratch and Sniff Canine Services is not responsible for any injury to or destruction of any person, animal or property at the time of service or in future. The client understands that Scratch and Sniff Canine Services will make no guarantee of results of the training services provided and agrees to pay all fees at the time requested.

In submitting payment, the client agrees that they have read, fully understand and consent to all content of this policy and waiver. These policies are subject to change without notice.