Socialization Skills Puppy Class in Guelph

Socialization Skills is a puppy-focused program that incorporates a safe introduction to mini-agility obstacles for confidence building, along with puppy problem solving/prevention, interactions with other pups, and training skills to set the stage for good manners!

Socialization Skills Program Content

Socialization Skills is a program all about fun, socialization and positive exposure to new obstacles, surfaces, miniature agility equipment and interactions. It’s a perfect way to build confidence in your puppy and build your relationship, too!

Along with this confidence-building, each class includes elements of socialization and problem prevention that are too often forgotten – for example, preventing and identifying sensitivity to sound and resource guarding, and prep for the vet and groomer.

Each class will also include supervised play and interactions between pups, as well as training skills to set the stage for good manners! these skills include an introduction to come when called, leash walking, and how to address exciting distractions.

Students will also receive access to the All Things Puppies! online resource classroom for easy at-home reference.

Also check out the Foundation Life Skills program! These two programs are different and can be completed concurrently.



  • Maximum 15wks at the time of your first class (enrol early, especially large breeds!)
  • Age-appropriately vaccinated by a veterinarian (notably Parvovirus and Distemper, Rabies as age-appropriate), and veterinary documentation must provided
  • Deworming documentation must be provided
  • Pups must be in their homes for at least 7 days prior to their first class

Schedule Details

Sunday at 2pm with Kathleen

Looking for a weeknight class? Let us know!!

Four consecutive weeks (skipping holiday weekends when applicable)

Flexible Start Date

You can start class any time space is available!

  1. Submit the registration form by clicking the button below. We’ll confirm the next available start date.
  2. Once your start date is selected, submit payment within 24hrs of receiving the invoice to confirm your spot

Join us for Socialization Skills!

Check eligibility/requirements prior to registration

Contact the office if you have questions.

NOTICE: We’re restructuring! Enrolment for Socialization Skills is currently closed. Please contact the office for alternative training options.

Smart Socialization Puppy Seminar

“Socialization: That just means having friends over and going to the dog park, right…?”

Think again!

You’ve probably heard about socialization, but do you really know what that means? Often, “common knowledge” approaches to socialization can do more damage than they do good.  Proper socialization is like a ‘behavioural vaccine’ that can protect your puppy from developing a multitude of behaviour problems as an adult.

  • Did you know that this “window of socialization” closes at a very young age?
  • Do you know what are you doing now that might be putting your puppy at risk as an adult?
  • Are you missing critical pieces of the socialization puzzle?

Come learn about Socialization, what it is, what you need to do, and what you need to avoid.

Upcoming Dates:

No planned dates at this time

This is a “people-only” seminar

Are you interested in joining Puppy Socialization Class with your puppy? Click here for more info!

Private Training FAQ

Private dog training for fear, reactivity, aggression, manners, obedience and puppies.


Do you offer Service Dog Training?

No. Service dog prospects are welcome to take part in training for other purposes, however we do not offer any type of service task training.

When is private training the best option?

Private training is the best option for dealing with issues of  reactivity, fear and aggression. It is also the best option for manners/obedience for owners wanting to pursue focused training on a single topic, prefer one-on-one training and for those owners with schedules that cannot accommodate group class programs.

How much does private training cost?

All pricing is listed on the Private Training webpage.

What is your service area?

In-person private training is available within Guelph city limits. Virtual training is available to anyone residing in Canada.

What are your hours?

Availability varies by week, with bookings Monday through Friday. Please contact the office.

What is your booking/cancellation policy?

Payment is required in order to hold your appointment time within 24hrs of making the booking. Notice of cancellation/rebook must be received 48 hours in advance or there is a full charge for the missed session. Please read full policy here.

Do you cancel sessions in bad weather?

The location and format of our session will determine this. We will typically meet in routine poor weather, and will cancel in more extreme weather if travel is unsafe. We may also convert to a virtual session, if the session topic is compatible with that format.

How many sessions/how long does it take to solve my problem?

The length of time or number of sessions that it will take to solve the issue is very much dependent on the issue, the owner and the dog. For example, an owner looking to teach a non-aggressive dog to settle at the sound of a door bell may take only a small number of sessions, however working through multiple issues involving fear or aggression will take more hands-on coaching. There is a discount available on multi-session packages, as outlined on the Private Training webpage. Owners acquire skills at different rates of speed and this in turn affects the dog’s progress.

Do you offer a guarantee?

In order to remain in compliance with the CCPDT/IAABC Code of Ethics, I do not offer a guarantee.  A trainer teaches an owner how to train their dog; thus, asking a trainer for a guarantee isn’t asking for a guarantee on training methods, it’s asking for a guarantee on one’s own behaviour inasmuch as it affects the dog. I will guarantee that you will receive up-to-date information and instruction on force-free training methodology, support, and guidance.

What is the owner’s role in training?

Your role is critical! Your job will be to assure that you understand the information given to you and adhere to the training protocols laid out for you and your dog. My “dream client” is engaged, actively listens and assimilates information, asks lots of questions and requests clarification when necessary, frequently gives and requests feedback, and is overall an active partner in training. I want to work with you to help you and your dog, and I can’t do it without you!

What do I need to prepare for my session?

Check out the Private Session Information Document for these details!

What methods do you use for behaviour modification training?

Respect for the dog’s physical, mental and emotional well-being is a foremost priority in any training at Scratch and Sniff Canine Services. Behaviour modification training focus on creating good associations with the over-whelming trigger or circumstance and teaching the dog how to make good choices, particularly when under stress.

A dog who feels in control of herself feels safe and secure, thus addressing the root cause of most behaviour issues (fear, anxiety, stress, over-arousal, etc).

Our goal is to teach your dog that she is able to make good choices and help her to feel calm and happy in situations that might otherwise cause over-whelm. This is very much like “Doggy Therapy!”

Contact the office if you have additional questions or interest in specific methodology.


Why are Puppy Classes Important?

Training and socialization classes have become a very important part of rearing a new puppy. Young pups learn to interact appropriately with their peers, owners learn to teach basic obedience to their dogs, future behaviour problems are prevented and existing problems can be promptly addressed before they get out of hand. A well-run puppy class is the best way to get a puppy off to the right start.

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