Socialization Skills Puppy Class in Guelph

Socialization Skills is a puppy-focused program that incorporates a safe introduction to mini-agility obstacles for confidence building, along with puppy problem solving/prevention, interactions with other pups, and training skills to set the stage for good manners!

Socialization Skills Program Content

Socialization Skills is a program all about fun, socialization and positive exposure to new obstacles, surfaces, miniature agility equipment and interactions. It’s a perfect way to build confidence in your puppy and build your relationship, too!

Along with this confidence-building, each class includes elements of socialization and problem prevention that are too often forgotten – for example, preventing and identifying sensitivity to sound and resource guarding, and prep for the vet and groomer.

Each class will also include supervised play and interactions between pups, as well as training skills to set the stage for good manners! these skills include an introduction to come when called, leash walking, and how to address exciting distractions.

Students will also receive access to the All Things Puppies! online resource classroom for easy at-home reference.

Also check out the Foundation Life Skills program! These two programs are different and can be completed concurrently.



  • Maximum 15wks at the time of your first class (enrol early, especially large breeds!)
  • Age-appropriately vaccinated by a veterinarian (notably Parvovirus and Distemper, Rabies as age-appropriate), and veterinary documentation must provided
  • Deworming documentation must be provided
  • Pups must be in their homes for at least 7 days prior to their first class

Schedule Details

Sunday at 2pm with Kathleen

Looking for a weeknight class? Let us know!!

Four consecutive weeks (skipping holiday weekends when applicable)

Flexible Start Date

You can start class any time space is available!

  1. Submit the registration form by clicking the button below. We’ll confirm the next available start date.
  2. Once your start date is selected, submit payment within 24hrs of receiving the invoice to confirm your spot

Join us for Socialization Skills!

Check eligibility/requirements prior to registration

Contact the office if you have questions.

NOTICE: We’re restructuring! Enrolment for Socialization Skills is currently closed. Please contact the office for alternative training options.