Puppy Class Safety

We take precautions to ensure the safest possible experience for your puppy – physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Disinfecting Floors. Floors are thoroughly washed with a bleach solution prior to all puppy classes. A 30:1 solution is sufficient to kill Parvovirus.
  • Letter from Attending Veterinarian. This letter assures us that the puppy has been vaccinated accordingly and is free of parasites and disease prior to attending classes.
  • Dog-Appropriate Flooring to prevent slipping during play and allows for proper cleaning procedures.
  • Upper Age Limit. This ensures that puppies are playing with size-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate playmates.
  • Monitored and Narrated play. Play time in puppy class should never be a free-for-all. Play should be fun and confidence-building for every puppy in the room. Bullying is addressed immediately and fearful puppies are never forced in over their heads. Owners are talked through interactions between puppies and instructed on how to recognize and break up inappropriate interactions.
  • Divided Play. If necessary, the training space can be divided in order to appropriately match playmates and avoid frightening younger, tiny, or more timid puppies while larger, boisterous and older pups can have their fun.
  • Wait Period Before Class. Newly acquired puppies must be in the home for at least one week prior to coming to class. Some diseases have an “incubation period” in which they are asymptomatic. Keeping pups out of class for this period of time ensures that they are not bringing diseases into class.

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