Open Practise Time

Current and past students of Scratch and Sniff Canine Services are welcome to participate in our Open Practise Times!

Sometimes it can be hard to get motivated to train. Or maybe you have the motivation, but not the space! Poor weather and early darkness in winter makes it tough to find opportunities to train in a space larger than your living room.

Open Practise Time gives you the floorspace and designated training time you need to get on the road to accomplishing your training goals.

Want to join us? Have a look at this important information, then register at the bottom of the page:

  • This is your time to practice on your own. This means that there will be no structure, content, or instruction, and this is reflected in the low cost. Come prepared knowing what you want to work on with your dog! This is training time with your dog, not a play group.
  • Participants have access to any equipment they would like to use, however are asked to determine this upon arrival. Please bring your own training supplies such as treats, Kongs, mats, tug toys, etc. You can find a list here.
  • While you are not obliged to stay for the full hour, you are asked to arrive on time. Dogs are sensitive to changes in the room, and arriving late is disruptive to other participants. If you wish to leave early, alert the instructor prior to entering another student’s space.
  • Participants are asked to adhere to training methods taught at the facility, namely positive reinforcement-based training and non-aversive equipment on the dog.
  • Participants are responsible for ensuring their dogs are appropriate for the class, and are not unsafe or disruptive. The room will be set up with 34in visual barriers as it is during group programs. Never allow your dog to jump on the barriers.
  • Be aware that there are children who frequent a neighbouring business. Keep distance or arrange to be let in the back door if this is a concern. Please respect our neighbours and their patrons.
  • Payment and registration is required to hold your spot, spaces are limited! There are no refunds nor rescheduling for missed Open Practice Time. Be prepared to attend the session that you have booked!
  • Dog must be healthy and up to date on vaccinations as recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Available dates are listed below, Practise Times without enrolment are subject to change without notice.