Group Class Dog Training

We’re MOVING November 1st! Our new location will be 340 Southgate Dr #3 Guelph.

Scratch and Sniff Canine Services offers a variety of small group classes catering to many levels of experience and topics of interest.

Which Program Is Right For You?
Learn about our unique and flexible group class enrolment

Group classes are perfect for friendly dogs who:

      • pull on leash
      • will not come when called
      • are overexcited
      • do not listen
      • jump up to greet people
      • need to learn basic obedience skills
      • and more!

Unless specified, group classes are not appropriate for dogs who:

      • Bark and lunge at other dogs or people
      • Become stressed/shut down easily
      • Have bitten a person or dog
      • Are otherwise fearful, reactive or aggressive
      • These issues may be addressed through private training

Auditors are welcome to sit in on a class prior to registering, however we require notice of your attendance. Contact the office for more information and to arrange a time. Please direct all inquiries to View group training FAQs here. You are also welcome to view the Orientation Webinar to learn more about us before registering for a program.