Fronts and Finishes and CGN… oh my!

One more post on fronts! But this time with some finishes thrown in, too.

I’ve finally mailed out to get Elsie a CARO number so I can trial her, but unfortunately trails tend to be far far away from home AND appear to land on weekends when I’ve already committed to conferences (speaking of which… I need to write about ClickerExpo in Chicago from a couple weeks ago!!)

This still looks a little rough, some bum-bouncing and cue-jumping, but it’s better than it has been.  I’m working on verbal cuing, just in case I decide to trial in obedience *one day*… one day when Elsie is so old that she can’t make the jumps.  I’ve faded my body cues somewhat, but I’m still tipping one way and the other.  Hopefully I can stop that at some point, but that really doesn’t matter for rally.  The next front-related exercise will be to call front while in motion – basically, she comes into front position when we stop, rather than sitting in heel. After we get that and a better stand, we’ll be ready to trial! (After some work on generalization, of course… “but my dog does it at home!”)

I might regret that crotch targeting, because she’s starting to give some mighty strong muzzle punches if she doesn’t get clicked immediately.  Ouch. But at least it keeps her from drifting backward.

So here’s yet another video.  Again, I filmed this on my computer, so the left’s and right’s are reversed.  She does actually heel on the left, despite what the video says. (I may regret this backward-business one day when I review these, but for now at least I’m filming.  The real camera involves tripod, set-up, transfer, AND conversion of the files, because some idiot thought it would be a good idea to transfer files that computers have never heard of and also not give me a program to convert them. pfft.)



ALSO, I’m teaming up with Andre from When Hounds Fly to offer a Canine Good Neighbour Prep Class.  Below is the promo video featuring Arlo and Elsie! (And Arlo plays! wowza!)