Canine Tutoring

If you:

  • Are feeling over-whelmed by training responsibilities
  • Have more intention to train than time to do it
  • Want to kick start your training, but need more than coaching
  • Have a new puppy and are feeling over-whelmed by the pressure of socialization duties

… Canine Tutoring is right for you!

Also known as “Day Training”, a certified professional trainer and behaviour consultant will work one-on-one with your dog while you’re at work, out with the kids or running errands. The best and fastest results are seen with this intensive, three-sessions-a-week, schedule. Transfer Sessions will keep you up-to-date and coach you on how to maintain and apply your dog’s new skills in day-to-day life.

Canine Tutoring can take place in your home, in parks, in your neighbourhood – or wherever you need your dog to respond! A review of your concerns and goals will allow us to lay out a schedule that best suits the assessment.

Canine Tutoring can address:

  • Puppy needs, including socialization experiences
  • Manners and Obedience, such as pulling on leash, recall, general distractibility, learning basic obedience behaviours
  • Enrichment and “brain training” to give busy dogs a productive outlet

At this time, Canine Tutoring is not available for behaviour modification for issues of reactivity/aggression. Training for this type of issue is available through private behaviour coaching.

What Canine Tutoring IS:

  • A quicker route to the training results you want to see in your dog
  • A certified, professional trainer and behaviour consultant will work directly with your dog to help you reach your training goals
  • Giving a bulk of the leg work of training to a professional while you work on application and maintenance in day-to-day life
  • Transfer Sessions will teach you the skills your dog has already learned and are a critical aspect of keeping your training on track

What Canine Tutoring IS NOT:

  • It is not a dog walking, pet sitting or potty break service
  • It is not a total escape from all training responsibilities
  • It is not a suitable service for management-intensive or owner-directed problems (e.g. separation anxiety, owner-directed aggression, or management-based issues of housetraining, etc.) See Private Training options.


  1. Contact the office with your address and briefly describe your concerns or what you are looking to achieve through the Canine Tutoring program.
  2.  If Canine Tutoring sounds like a good match, you will receive a questionnaire by email.
  3. We will book the Canine Tutoring Initial Consult, a 60-90min session where we will further discuss how the service will work for your dog. We will decide on the right package and book all sessions, including Transfer Sessions.
  4. Canine Tutoring is set to begin – three times weekly, with regular Transfer Sessions to keep you on track!

Want to meet the trainer and learn more about the training method before scheduling the consult? Book yourself into a free, no obligation Orientation Session!

Pricing and Booking


Pricing will be announced in the new year

Contact the office to find out if Canine Tutoring service will be a good fit for your needs. This service is available only to residents within Guelph city limits.