Orientation/Info Session

The Orientation session is a 2-hour-long, people-only session. It is a mandatory first class for all group class students, as well as a free information session for private students or those who are still deciding whether Scratch and Sniff Canine Services for them.

The Orientation session covers important information such as body language, how dogs learn, how to train most effectively, participation in activities, and class information. Upcoming dates and times can be found on the side bar of this website, as well as on the schedule. Please pre-register if you would like to attend this free session.

Interested to know more general info about training method prior to attending? Take a look at the Group Class FAQ or the Private Training FAQ, and browse through the website for resources, videos, and other information. We are very transparent about our training method, and hope that attendees will enjoy the in-depth information provided in this free session.

Please review the following guidelines:

      • This is a people-only class, so please leave your pups at home for this session.
      • Bring indoor shoes during wet seasons.
      • Park in the Baker Street parking lot or on surrounding streets. Please do not park directly outside of the building.
      • If you require more than two spots in the session please alert the office in advance and you will be accommodated if possible.
      • Check the location on the map above in advance of your Orientation. Chapel Lane is a small street in downtown Guelph and many GPS units locate it incorrectly. The phone will not be answered immediately prior to Orientation.
      • For Adult Dogs:
        • For dogs over six (6) months, please provide proof of rabies vaccination (certificate or a letter from their veterinarian, not tags) at or prior to the first class with your dog.
      • For Puppies:
        • All puppy students are required to have a letter signed by their vet and returned to the office prior to their first class. Click here to save/print the letter.
          • This letter indicates that the puppy has been to the vet, has received at least one set of vaccinations and is free of parasites and illness. Note that this letter must be returned to the office in order to attend class, for the safety of all puppies there are no exceptions.


Ready to get started? 

1. Review Policy

All students are asked to review policy applicable to their service of choice: Group Class policy or Private Training policy. Registration and payment indicate acceptance of these policies. 

2. Book Your Orientation Session Online!

The ‘people-only’ Orientation Session is the mandatory first class for all group class students, and a valuable supplement to private training. This session is open to the public at no cost and with no obligation, and requires pre-registration.

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*Have you adopted a dog with a “mandatory training” condition from the Guelph Humane Society or other rescue? Please contact the office prior to your Orientation date to arrange an express registration/proof of purchase so the shelter will release your new companion.

If you cannot attend the group Orientation session, please contact the office. A discounted private session may be arranged.

If you require any assistance, please contact us by email or phone 226.486.1244