Walk This Way: Leash Manners for the Impeccable Puller


This class is currently not on the schedule. Please check back soon!

Are your dog’s leash manners lacking? At worst, being dragged down the street is simply not safe, and at best pulling on leash is a bothersome habit. The physical strain alone can lead to health problems for you and your dog.

Using multiple positive reinforcement techniques that build on and go beyond our Life Skills class we’ll begin by learning the basics inside, using classmates as distractions, before moving the class outside. Students will be walked through how to apply these techniques effectively when contending with real-life distractions.


  • No training prerequisites are necessary for the program. Past, current and new students are welcome to attend.
  • All dogs must be over 16weeks of age and fully vaccinated. Dogs over 6 months must show proof of Rabies.
  • All dogs must be friendly with people and dogs. There may be contact between dogs while on leash during this class. This is not an appropriate program for dogs who are not overtly friendly with people and dogs. There is potential for off leash dogs to run up to your leashed dog in the park. Dogs must be friendly in this situation.
  • Significant fears of things/situations encountered on walks may be disruptive to the program. If this is a concern please contact the office to discuss.
  • All students must have dog-friendly, no-pull equipment fitted to their dog. Those who do not will be required to purchase a harness from the school at the start of their first class. Correction collars are not permitted.
  • Registration for this class indicates acceptance of group class policies.

Schedule and Location

This class is three sessions long and will run with a minimum of three and maximum of five participants.

It is important that participants commit to attending all three classes.

A portion of this program will take place outdoors. A rain date may be arranged if rain is unusually heavy or there is a thunderstorm.

The indoor class will take place in the facility at 37 Chapel Lane. Outdoor class locations TBD.

Please contact us by email or phone 226.486.1244 if you have questions or concerns