Life Skills Class for Adult Dogs

Do you have a new adoption?   An adolescent?  Maybe an old dog who wants to learn new tricks?

Or maybe you want to learn a new training method!

Life Skills is an intensive program exploring choice topics through a workshop-style approach. This is a concept-driven curriculum with exercises that are directly applicable to daily life, including polite greetings with people (no jumping), basic obedience positions, recall (come when called), loose leash walking (pulling on leash), and more.

Program Details

  • $255+HST
  • Mon 7:15pm, Wed 7:15pm, Sat 11:15am
  • Maximum FOUR dogs per class
  • Mix’n’match your class days to fit your schedule!
  • Students have 7 weeks to complete 7-class program (6 themes + one extra class), and must attend the people-only Orientation Session prior to their first class.
  • Find out more about class structure at Group Training FAQs
  • See what past students have to say about the Life Skills Program.


  • Dogs must be friendly and tolerant of people and other dogs
  • Dogs must have received their complete puppy vaccinations and be a minimum of 16 weeks
  • For dogs over 6 months – proof of Rabies vaccination by a veterinarian is required
  • Do not attend with a dog who is sick, including vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, lethargy or fever. Alert the office immediately of illness.
  • Submitting registration/payment indicates acceptance of the group class policy



  1. Attend the Orientation Session.
  2. Bring a copy of your dog’s Rabies vaccination certificate from your vet.
  3. Read the group class policy. Payment indicates acceptance of all policies.
  4. Purchase your program! *Timeframe starts at time of purchase.
  5. Book your classes