Kylie needs a new home!

  • 1yr old spayed female, 45lbs Shep/Spitz type
  • Adopted from TAS (stray), has been in current home for about a month.
  • Her current owners adore her and do not want to let her go, but rehoming is necessary for the safety of cats in the home.
  • House/crate trained. She will bark for a couple minutes when left but settles quickly.
  • Gets along well with other dogs, friendly with kids, very social and elicits attention
  • Needs training re: chasing moving objects outdoors (cats, squirrels, bikes, etc.), as well as some good recall training
  • No known medical conditions
  • Started on clicker training, very motivated by food and enjoys tug/toys. Owner reports “I could not believe how fast she can run and how high she can jump!”
Looking for an active owner with positive reinforcement/clicker training knowledge and experience, no cats/small furries in the house, ideally someone who can put her enthusiasm to good use! (sports, etc)
Please contact me if  you are interested apply through Speaking of Dogs at
See Kylie’s webpage at  (More pictures here!!)

I’m happy to say the Kylie found a great home in the GTA!! 

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