Dogs? What dogs?

I’m getting back in to my Banjerin’ and thought I’d post a short clip here. This here is a traditional song called “Sally Anne”. I got the arrangement (and then modified it so it ‘felt’ better) from Blues Age Banjo.  He has very accessible tabs, both in that there are songs without any weird little tabulature doodles that I don’t understand and that the tabs are in PDF format instead of some silly tab programme. He also frequently posts mp3’s of the songs for those of us that can’t hear the music when looking at the lines and sticks and numbers on the page. He’s a little more “country” than is my taste, but the tabs are still great!

Because I can’t resist, I will bring this back to dogs… Learning a new skill, or building on an existing one, is a good idea for anyone.  This is especially true for those of us who train our dogs and expect them to learn what we think we are teaching them.  How do you feel if you drill a new skill past the point that you are having fun?  What happens if you try to do it faster or do something more complicated than your current level of skill?  How would you feel if you had someone berating and hurting you while you are trying to learn? And how would that effect your opinion of this task?

These are all questions we should ask ourselves when we’re working our dogs.  Is the dog being spiteful or lazy or rude, or does she not understand what you are asking for? I can play this song in my living room, but I certainly couldn’t play it on a stage! (Tried that once, I forgot every song half way through)  So if your dog knows ‘sit’ in the kitchen, do you think she knows ‘sit’ in the park when there’s a dog pestering her or a squirrel near by?

Okay, so I lied, there is a connection to dogs.  There’s always a connection to dogs. And here’s my newly acquired song:

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