Muzzle Training

I’m breaking all rules of good-blogging by clumping my posts… but too bad!

I came across an EXCELLENT video on muzzle training. Muzzles can be a very important management tool. They do not stop the dogs desire to bite, but they will prevent a bite if management fails while training is taking place.

Note that this same technique can be used to introduce a dog to a Gentle Leader, Halti, or other head collar. Wearing a muzzle or head collar should be a thrilling event!


2 thoughts on “Muzzle Training”

  1. This was a very interesting movie, this British guy does good stuff using a lot of classical conditioning. I am wondering though, if the dog has a negative association with the muzzle and it is a huge P+, clipping it on the neck in step 2 might bring all the old demons back despite the counter-conditioning in step 1. I think I would skip stage 2, and go to step 3, i.e. dog puts his nose into the muzzle to get food. What do you think?

    And now I need to stop polluting your blog with my comments :-).

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