Hello world! or “Why I Started a Blog”

I’ve started this blog with the intention of organizing some of my rambling thoughts into something slightly more coherent than what comes about through day-to-day conversation.  By far the large majority of posts will be dedicated to all things dog, due in large part to my inability to concentrate for long on anything non-dog-related. There might be a couple other topics that sneak in here and there. I’m also hoping that I’ll regain some of my writing skills that have, distressingly, declined since graduating university.  That said, hopefully whatever ends up here will be of a slightly less snobby-high-theory-jerk quality than what my academic papers contained.  (That was an uncontrollable side-effect of majoring in Cultural Studies.)

There is also the possibility that I will never update this blog, and you are a reader who has happened across this page in the year 2013.  This may be the only post. I hope that isn’t the case.

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